My Experience as a Mozilla Student Ambassador

Actually the title should be- “My Experience as a Mozilla Student Am-BAD-ASS-ador”, coz it was really a great experience with loads of knowledge gain. I’ll describe it in brief-

I came to know about Mozilla Community and Student Ambassador from my friend who is already a Trainee at Mozilla. I have seen him working and the coolness his work has is just awesome. We both love coding and we feel that there should exist a Healthier Coding Society, a Free Internet and hassle-free Operating System  and  Boom ! Mozilla has it all !

No one can doubt that Mozilla is the most healthy coding society and environment. Then, you might have probably heard about or maybe using Mozilla Firefox already which is best Browser in existence as it strives for one motto- Keeping Internet Open !

But an Operating System from Mozilla might be news to you. But, once you see it you’ll believe, just like I did that it is THE BEST OS ever made. You can check out its video here. You can also check this amazing video that demonstrates the Mozilla Community here.

At last, I would like to conclude by saying that this experience was one of the best that I have ever got.