Mozilla Awareness Session at Hack@NSIT 2K16

It was 9 Apr, a beautiful Saturday morning with the weather being warm and I had a cauldron of mixed feelings of anxiety, nervousness, confidence and of course excitement for it was the big day for which Me and my friend had been preparing for last several days. We were to go to NSIT (Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology) as Mozilla speakers for our awareness spreading event; our FIRST EVENT !

I still find it difficult to believe that the journey which began by becoming Mozilla Student Ambassadors and knowing about Mozilla Community reached a stage where we were about to host an event in India’s one of the most premier Engineering Institute. Woof ! That sounds BIG and it was…

Screenshot (1)
Yeah ! We were greeted like this !

We reached there 35 mins before the event start time to interact with our seniors and to know the type of audience we were about to face. Nervousness was flowing in my body like Nile on a plain; after all we were just two sophomores about to give a presentation in front of a crowd of 100 people, which included seniors who were 2 years older than us. But as we reached there, the NSIT seniors greeted us very humbly. And, I must say they were the ones who helped us to calm down. In fact, not only the seniors but everyone there was so friendly that we got familiar with the environment within 10 mins of reaching there. After getting comfortable with the environment and observing our audience, we told them we’ll be ready in 15 mins for the presentation. In next 15 minutes we reviewed our PowerPoint presentation and readied ourselves, which involved putting on the Mozilla Swags (badges, wristbands and Mozilla Clips).

Finally we were before our audience !

“Hi ! I am Anirudh Goel, Junior and Club Lead at Mozilla..”

“and I am Kriti Wadhwa, Student ambassador at Mozilla..”

first image
That’s me and my friend standing on the right hand side 😉

This is how we started by introducing ourselves and then what happened was absolutely spontaneous. Neither of us both was recalling what we had practiced but we spoke as the people sitting before us were our friends and we were explaining Arithmetic Addition to them, in a completely friendly and confident manner. I admit that we got the anxiety rush a few times in between but maybe it was because that our audience was a GREAT one, we got over it in a few seconds. Having a patience and good audience is a privilege. Our audience respected us and listened very patiently what we tried to make them understand and I guess they’d understand it as when we finished our audience was Happy and we got a great applause.. Finally, goal achieved (Someone gimme a bed now) !

second image
They were all interested !

After that the Hack@NSIT Hackthon started, students were distributed Mozilla swags (laptop stickers primarily), the winners were given special Mozilla rewards (wristbands, badges) and the event was finally completed successfully.

third image
Mozilla SWAGS !!

I’d end this blog post by adding few things that I learnt from this experience. First would be- Connecting with the audience. This is the most important thing for a great presentation; all the practicing, rehearsing, learning can be in vain if you don’t just connect with your audience. Second would be- Keep working hard. It gave great amount of motivation standing there in front of all those people as a speaker and that was the moment I felt this vibe that Hardwork has its rewards.

Thank you !


My Experience as a Mozilla Student Ambassador

Actually the title should be- “My Experience as a Mozilla Student Am-BAD-ASS-ador”, coz it was really a great experience with loads of knowledge gain. I’ll describe it in brief-

I came to know about Mozilla Community and Student Ambassador from my friend who is already a Trainee at Mozilla. I have seen him working and the coolness his work has is just awesome. We both love coding and we feel that there should exist a Healthier Coding Society, a Free Internet and hassle-free Operating System  and  Boom ! Mozilla has it all !

No one can doubt that Mozilla is the most healthy coding society and environment. Then, you might have probably heard about or maybe using Mozilla Firefox already which is best Browser in existence as it strives for one motto- Keeping Internet Open !

But an Operating System from Mozilla might be news to you. But, once you see it you’ll believe, just like I did that it is THE BEST OS ever made. You can check out its video here. You can also check this amazing video that demonstrates the Mozilla Community here.

At last, I would like to conclude by saying that this experience was one of the best that I have ever got.